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Though much of the art of DADA may not look beautiful, it is widely considered the most important Art movement of the 20th century, due to its impact influencing artists today.

Key Concepts of DADA:

It was the first conceptual (Concept, thinking, ideas) art movement that focused on difficult truthes about society, NOT about making a beautiful image.


It challenged the role of the artist and the purpose of art. How? The artist could be a person who brought political ideas to the viewer, and the art became a tool to challenge a viewers ideas.


Marcel Duchamp was a famous DADA artist. Below are examples of some of his work.

You may have noticed that the spinning disks he made look very different from most of his work. You are correct. However, Duchamp was always figuring out new ways to look and think about Art, and in doing so, created the Optical Art movement.

Artist, Maurizio Cattelan create a toilet made out of gold and put it on display at New York's Guggenhiem Museum. Art work referencing Duchamps "Fountain" has been a running joke for decades in the Artworld. It also forces us to think about what is beautiful. Why is something beautiful? Why do we consider somethings more valuable than other things? 

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