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The word Mesopotamia means land between two rivers. The rivers are the Tigris River and the Euphrates (You-Fray-Tees) river.


This is where we found the earliest civilizations of the Neolithic Revolution from around 10,000 B.C.



Mesopotamia is in The Middle East.

Find Mesopotamia, which is in The Middle East on the world map below.

The Neolithic Revolution describes how people stopped traveling to hunt and gather food. People who hunt and gather were called Nomads. They never stayed anywhere for very long.


People began to stay in Mesopotamia. They learned to farm crops like wheat. This allowed them to make bread and cereal. 


They did not have to travel far to find food. This gave people free time to invent things.

The Sumerians were a society that lived in Mesopotamia. They invented an early form of writing around 3300 B.C.


Writing has not always existed.


Writing allows people to pass on information on to others without having to be around. 


This allows people to develop ideas on top of ideas older people had.

The Sumerian's invented writing is called Cuneiform

Below is The Sumerian alphabet in Cuneiform. Find the letters in your name.

The Sumarians did not have paper. This meant that Cuneiform was carved on walls and pieces of clay. Below are examples.

This is a Timeline.
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